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Sackville Curling Club

22 Lansdowne St.,
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Masters Plus Open Bonspiel   by Anna Acton

Masters Bonspiel Dec 3 & 4, 2014

Sackville Curling Club recently hosted its 6th annual Masters Bonspiel with 12 teams competing, representing all three Maritime Provinces. These Masters Plus bonspiels are open to Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams. Except for one team member who may be as young as 55, team participants are required to be 60 or older. 

In the beginning, the Masters Tour was hosted at clubs in Sackville, Amherst, Rexton, and Sussex, and at the Beausejour, Beaver and MCA clubs in Moncton. We are now fortunate to be hosted in Cornwall PE, Sackville, Moncton and Amherst.

This year there were seven men’s teams and five women’s teams with each team playing 4 games during the 2 day event. Scoring is determined by a point system. The top six teams are money winners. This year’s winners were:

  1. Ken Nicol (SCC) with his team of Don MacIntyre, Alex Whitla, Doug Oulton and Mike Gillespie. 
  2. Milt Larsen (Dartmouth) with Jim Russell, Fred Lutes and Ross Woodworth.
  3. Keith Bowser (SCC) with Myles Trenholm, George Anderson and David Acton
  4. Norma Lutes (Moncton) with Ann McSheffrey, Cheri Smith and Judy Steeves
  5. Paul Arsenault (Cornwall, PE) with Ron Giggey, Ed Coffin and Lou Black.
  6. Audrey Dorey (NS) with Barbara Fraughton, Linda Juurlink and Alison Weagle.

A successful bonspiel is due to the efforts of many volunteers. To all who helped in any way, thank you for all your hard work- it truly made our Sackville Bonspiel a resounding success. Special thanks to Myles, Gerry and their elves for making a great ice surface to play on. To Doug Key and Lloyd Varner for dishing out great lunches both days. To Don MacIntyre for doing a tremendous job at drawing up our schedule, keeping track of scores, organizing music and making announcements. And finally thanks to our special elf, Hugh Fensom, a man of many skills, who kept the caffeine level up, dished out lunches, oversaw the draw to the button and scores, and generally pitched in wherever needed.

The next scheduled Masters event will take place at Curl Moncton on January 14 and 15th and we will finish out the season in Amherst on February 18-19.


Do you deserve a halo?

In the Little Rocks group photo in the November newsletter, the players all sport helmets. Safety headgear for curlers has been around for a while now, is on sale at most sources for curling gear, and is becoming more common as scary stories of head injuries from sports are featured in the press. 

One of our club members, George De Benedetti, has been wearing a helmet for some time, and chose his protection with expert advice. After having had several concussions, George cannot afford another. 

The key to protecting the head in curling is to protect the back of the head since the tendency is to fall backwards. George talked to a research physician who recommended either a ski board helmet or a skate board helmet. Ventilation was better with the latter and that was George’s choice of protection. 

He tells us though that: “The researcher did warn me that wearing a helmet does not guarantee you won't have a concussion. A bang on the head with or without a helmet can cause your brain to be bounced inside your head. But wearing a helmet does give you better protection than not wearing one. By wearing a helmet the force of the blow to the head is distributed around the perimeter of the helmet thus lessening the damage. A helmet is also useful in preventing a fractured skull. “


Letter from the Board

On December 1, a letter went out to the membership about the critical role of icemaker to the club and the planning exercise necessary to ensure continuing great ice conditions in the future. In part, the letter read: 

“The board of directors has begun studying the role of our icemaker. We are proud to have one of the best ice surfaces in the province, thanks to the hard work of Myles Trenholm for the past 12 years. Myles, together with Gerry Goddard, has put in a huge number of hours, far more than we could reasonably expect of what is really a voluntary effort, with what amounts (if calculated on an hourly basis) to a small honorarium to compensate him somewhat for his efforts. He is concerned, as is the board, about how to handle the inevitable transition as he begins to step back from his role in the coming years.

We are looking at a number of options for the future, varying from employment of an outside contractor, to a combination of outside contractor and volunteers from the club, to an all-volunteer effort. We will report to you on the options and look for your input, in all probability at a special shareholders' meeting in the New Year.”


Dates to Remember

December 13,14 2014 : Dominion Spiel Men

Jan 3,4 2015: Dominion Spiel Women

Dec. 19: Draw for Surf and Turf Little Rocks Fundraiser

Dec. 23 to Jan 2: SCC closed for Christmas 

Dec 27: Red and Blue 

Happy Holidays to all! See you in 2015!