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22 Lansdowne St.,
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News from the House                                                                          March/April  2015

Junior Girls Success by Heidi Soper


Molli Ward, Heidi Soper and Taylor Wry, three girls curling out of the SCC junior curling program, welcomed a new second to their team, Shaelyn Park of Curl Moncton. Each week they curled for two hours Wed and Thurs in the junior program and would often spare for Tuesday night ladies. Before competitions, the three girls would travel to Moncton to practice with Park. All four are fifteen and in grade 10 at their respective high schools. This means that they were one of the youngest teams at most of their bonspiels.  However, the difference of age and experience did not faze them as they worked hard and therefore were very successful at competitions.  They placed 5th at the under 21 provincials and 2nd at the under 18 provincials. Next year they will continue together and hope for even more positive results!


Mens Champs

It was a hard fought battle but the Monday night mens curling championship this year went to the team of Lovitt Allen, Ron Sutherland, Bill Rogerson and Nick Portman.  The rink of Myles Trenholm, Stephen Wells/Gordon Gray, Tim Soper and Greg Soper were the runners-up.

The Monday night men want to thank their coordinator Gerry Goddard for his hard work organizing throughout the year but especially in getting the playoffs organized in spite of Mother Nature.



Brown Bag Bonspiel

The popular Brown Bag Bonspiel was held March 7th with crazy scoring rules and with prizes disguised in plain brown wrappers. 

As can be seen in the photo a fun time was had by all.

Thanks to the organizers Mike and Karie Stokes and Ken Nicol for putting on this always great event at a time of year when a fun day is really needed!


High School Champs

Congratulations to some of our Junior Curlers, who recently won the Provincial High School banner for Mixed Curling!

The Julia Hunter rink included Joseph Tower, mate, Molli Ward, second, Evan Davis, lead and David Hunter coach.


Ladies  Closing

On March 24th, the morning and evening ladies leagues held a joint closing dinner and celebration of the past curling year. The ladies enjoyed a pre-dinner happy hour followed by a roast beef dinner and announcements of the 2014-5 winners.

Morning ladies, curling Tues and Fri mornings, compete for four trophies throughout the year.

Winner of the Tantramar Gas Bar trophy was the rink of Elaine Smith, Dodie McLeod,  Kathleen Trites and Cathy Johnson. Runner-up was the rink of Sharon Nicol, Carole Strandberg, Elizabeth Portman and Carrie MacMillan.

Winner of the Craft Gallery trophy was the rink of Linda Trenholm, Sharon MacIntyre, Kathleen Trites and Brenda Hastie. Runner-up was the rink of Nancy Oulton, Gloria Turner and Mary Carter.

Winner of the Jean Coutu/Pattersons trophy was the rink of Sheila Reyno, Gloria Turner, Jean Hart and Mona Meldrum. Runner-up was the rink of Sharon Nicol, Judi Mclellen and Mollie Flemming.

Winner of the mates draw Monaris/Co-op trophy was the rink of Carol Strandberg, Tami Puddicombe, Kathleen Trites and Susan Wood. Runner-up was the rink of Sharon MacIntyre, Mary Carter, Mollie Flemming and Sharon Nicol.

The evening ladies play only for the love of the game and BRAGGING RIGHTS! Bragging rights this year were won by:

Draw 1: Winner was the rink of Gloria Turner. Judi McLellen, Mona Meldrum and Melissa Gauvin. Runner-up was the rink of Nancy Oulton, Tammy Richard and Madeline Gillis.

Draw 2: Tied for winner were the rink of Helen Dickie, Mary-Ellen Trueman, Margaret Beattie and Mollie Flemming and the rink of Karie Stokes, Anna Acton, Madeline Gillis and Melissa Gauvin.

Draw 3: Winner was the rink of Sheila Reyno, Judi McLellan, Margaret Beattie and Sherry Ingalls. Runner-up was the rink of Elaine Smith, Mary-Ellen Trueman, Mona Meldrum and Melissa Gauvin.


Mixed Curling Closing

The final SCC curling event of the year, ROSE’S INDEPENDENT GROCER BONSPIEL, was held March 28 to 30th with 12 teams participating. The winning team was skipped by Robert Fillmore, third Diane Michaud, second Martin Omes and first Arnold Leblanc. Runners-up were the rink of Mike Stokes, Karie Stokes, Danny Fitzgerald and Donna Sharpe. The overall winners were awarded Jackets and other winning rinks won monitory grocery cards. 

The spiel ended with a roast beef dinner (thank you Laurie-Ann) and a rousing dice game. Many thanks to the organizers Don MacIntyre and Myles Trenholm and congratulations for again putting on a most successful event. All participants had a great time, even with the closing bonspiel competing for curlers with the call of sunnier climes, Whitehorse CC or the World’s Curling event in Halifax. 

Many thanks to Andy Rose for his ongoing support of this event . 

A week in Whitehorse

The NB Masters team skipped by Monique Taylor from Curl Moncton with SCC members Anna Acton, Gloria Turner and Sharon MacIntyre enjoyed a week of competitive curling in Whitehorse. The Whitehorse girls began the week with a win over Saskatchewan, last year’s winners and ended with a 3-5 record with three of the losses being close games. Besides some high level curling the girls experienced real Whitehorse hospitality. Rumours mention moose stew and dog sledding! They had a great trip and want to thank all their supporters at home, especially appreciating the donations from SCC and from the morning and evening ladies. 



Lockers to be cleared out for the summer

SCC AGM May 21 at 7:00 pm