Sackville Curling Club

22 Lansdowne St., 
Sackville, NB 
E4L 3Y9 

Sunday Mixed Doubles: 6pm  Nov/Dec Draw

Morning Mens Drop In : Monday and Thursday 9 am 

Monday evening men:  Rotational 6:30 pm and 8:45 pm Nov/Dec Teams, Draw, Spare list

Morning ladies:  Tuesday and Friday 9:30 am, Nov/Dec Draw

Tuesday evening Ladies: 7 pm, Nov/Dec Draw

Wednesday evening Border League:  7 pm, Draw 2018/19

Wednesday Mixed Drop-In: 1:15-3 pm contact League organizer here

Thursday evening Mixed: Draw @ 6:15 pm here, and Draw at 8pm

Friday evening Mixed:  Rotational 6:45pm and 8:30 pm, Nov/Dec Draw